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Step # 1

Download mysql-5.6.21-osx10.9-x86_64.dmg

This tutorial is about installation of MySQL on MAC OS X, so the first step is to get your hands on mysql-5.6.21-osx10.9-x86_64.dmg from dev.mysql.com.

Image of the dmg file

Apple DM file

Double click on the .dmg file to start with the installation.

Step # 2

Package file

Double click on the package file, This will start the actual installation process.

Image of the package inside the .dmg file

Apple MySQL package file

Step # 3

Installation introduction

After double clicking on the package file, you will see the introduction page of the installation.

Image of introduction

MySQL installation introduction

Click on continue button to go to the next step of installation.

Step # 4

License agreement

License agreement, to go ahead you will have to agree to the license agreement. To accept the license click on continue button.

Lincense agreement

MySQL license

Step # 5

Accept the license

Accept the license

Image of the license agreement

MySQL agree license

click on Agree button to go ahead.

Step # 6

Installation location

Select the installation location

Image of the installation location

Installation location

Select the location based on where you want the software to be installed, and press continue button.

Step # 7

Confirm the installation location

The OS will tell you the amount of space required for the installation, if you are fine with it then press install button or go back and change the installation location.

Confirm the location

Location of MySQL installation

Step # 8

User permission

User permission is required to go ahead with the installation, so you will be asked for the user password.

User password for installation

Apple user permission

Step # 9

Installation progress

Installation progress will be show to you

Float image in paragraph

Installation progress

Step # 10

Yay! installation is over!

If the installation was successfull, you will get the installation completed successfully message.


MySQL successfully installed

Close the dialog and go to system preferences to start MySQL server!.

Step # 11

System preferences

Go to System preferences to see start the MySQL server

Apple OS X system preferences/h4> MAC OS X system preferences

Step # 12

MySQL server!

Double click on the MySQL icon, you should see that the server instance is not running (Stopped).

Server instance

MySQL server on MAC OS X

Step # 13

MySQL server up and running!

Click on Start MySQL server, the server will be now up and running! enjoy!

Server instance running

MySQL server running
 Tutorials, Get all kinds of tutorials for Web, desktop, Windows, Apple, mobile, Android, iOS, webOS