MantisBT installation on MAC OS X, learn how to install MantisBT on Apple MAC OS X system
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This tutorial is about installation of MantisBT on MAC OS X, MantisBT is on of the most popular open source browser based bug tracker in the world. Its free, simple to use and has loads of features. Whether you are a single developer or a MNC, MantisBT is a awesome choice.!


MantisBT, a awesome bug tracker

Download MantisBT from this link Download

Step # 1

Extract and Install

Extract the downloaded MantIsBT zip file in you local installation of Apache server's HTDOCS directory, You can try MAMP (again awesome and free). Then open up your favourite browser and browse to the link http://localhost:8888/mantisbt/admin/install.php Where

  • localhost is your server.
  • 8888 is your Apache server port number.
  • mantisBT is the directory name where you have extracted the downloaded MantisBT zip file.
  • admin Is the directory where the MantisBt installation files are kept.
  • install.php This is the php file which will install MantisBT on your system.

URL to install

Install MantisBT

Step # 2

Pre installation steps

After you open the URL mention in Step # 1, you should be able to see this on your browser screen. If you dont, then your Apache server may not be ON, or the URL you have given is wrong, check if the install.php is indeed at location mantisbt/admin/.
If all is fine then we can continue with the installation.
To start with the installation you will need to enter the details of the database.

  • Type of Database Awesome thing about MantisBT is that can be installation on a whole range of database.
  • Hostname This is the server name of the database. Either your local system or some IP
  • Username This is the database user name. example root
  • Password This is the database password. example mySecretDbPassword
  • Database nameBy default it is 'bugtracker' but you can give any name you want.(make sure the database doesnt not exist).
  • Admin Username This will be the username of the admin user tha MantisBT will create, you can leave it blank. If you leave it blank the admin user to login after installation will be administrator
  • Admin Password This will be the password of the user that MantisBT will create, if you leave it blank then password will be the same as database password you mention above.
Now click on Install/Upgrade Database to begin the installation process.

Pre installation steps>

Web based installation

Step # 3

Installation complete

If all the details you had entered were correct, then you should see an image like this. MantisBT will give you a details of all the steps it tried to install itself, along with the result of the process.

  • Color green The step is fine.
  • Color red Somthing went wrong.
  • Color pink Something may have gone wrong or a possible problem.
In the image you can see that i had kept the admin user name and password as blank, so MantisBT marked it with pink color, to let me know that there is possible problem.

Installation details

MantisBT steps

Step # 4

Installation successful

If all was fine then MantisBT will mention the status at the bottom of the page as Install was successful.
Also you will have a link to go to the login page!


MantisBT installtion done!

Click on the link 'Create'.
This will take you to http://localhost:8888/mantisbt/login_page.php

Step # 5

Login Page

If you see this page, then bravo!, you are about to step into the world of Bugtracking with one of the best tools in the world!. But there are a few things you need to take care of.

  • Change the administrator password
  • Delete the admin directory (mantisbt/admin/), as you do not want he user to access the directory and try something that may clear your MantisBT database.

Login page

MantisBT login page

Login in using you admin user and password, that you had given during the installation step # 2.

Step # 6

Have fun!

Now you can explore MantisBT, create projects, users and log some issues!

create projects

MantisBT projects
 Tutorials, Get all kinds of tutorials for Web, desktop, Windows, Apple, mobile, Android, iOS, webOS